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Kebomusic is Atlanta-based music producer and keyboardist Derrick Pryce. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Derrick has spent over a decade in Atlanta crafting his own personal sound. Derrick got his start in music playing keyboards for a variety of soloists and gospel choirs. As a producer, he initially started shopping tracks to local artists for placement on their projects. The next logical step was to release his own material under his music production company Kebomusic.

In 2010, Kebomusic remixed Jazzanova's single "I Can See" featuring Ben Westbeech. The remix was subsequently featured on the German DJ/Producer collective's compilation entitled Upside Down: Dig Deeper. The track received positive reviews from DJs in the U.S. and Europe.

Inspired from several influences such as jazz, R+B, gospel and hip hop, Kebomusic Presents: The Experience was released in February 2013. The debut full-length album received critical acclaim from around the world. Notable accomplishments include securing distribution in Japan via Sweet Soul Records and receiving airplay on radio stations in the UK and Europe. The lead single "All For You", featuring Tracy Cruz, entered #4 on the UK's Top 10 Essence Of Soul chart. It also has appeared on DJ Henroc's Soul Mixtape Vol. 10.

Derrick is excited to announce the release of Kebomusic Presents: The After Work Sessions. This time around, he focuses on the instrumental aspect of his productions. He also takes the opportunity to feature some familiar faces. Fans of the debut album will recognize the melodic tones of saxophonist Derwin Daniels on the track “Landscape”. The EP’s infusion culminates in a unique affair, taking the listener on a musical journey of soulful grooves and hypnotic beats.




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